A deposit or suitable guarantee will be required of any customer before electric service is supplied.

For additional information on Deposits, see the Security Deposits Policy Bulletin Number 7R4.


There shall be a minimum of fifteen (15) days allowed between the bill date and the last day to pay before gross billing is applied. Bills will be rendered monthly and shall be paid by the due date on the bill. Failure to pay by the due date shall be subject to an additional charge of 5%. Failure to receive a bill will not release a customer from its payment obligations. Failure to pay any bill by the due date specified on the bill may result in disconnection of serveice as set forth in the Termination of Service section herein. Should a due date fall on a weekend or holiday, the next business day following the due date will be held as a day of grace for payment to be received.

For additional information on Billing, see the Billing Policy Bulletin Number 152R2.


Members and/or consumers who have unpaid bills by the due date shall be subject to disconnection of service for non-payment.

For additional information on Termination of Service, see the Disconnection of Service for Nonpay Policy Bulletin Number 231 R1 and the Disconnect Policy During Extreme Weather Conditions Policy Bulletin Number 245.


Upon request from the consumer, Forked Deer Electric will make available a customer's energy consumption data for the prior 12 month period.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations along with the approved Rates and Fees shall be kept open to inspection at the office of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative located at 1135 North Church Street, Halls, Tennessee 38040 and through billing advertisements. Furthermore, Forked Deer Electric will provide information regarding rates, service practices, and guidelines to customers via our website at All retail rate actions approved by Forked Deer Electric will be communicated to the public and consumers via the website at and through billing advertisements.

Customers shall be informed of applicable rates and fees, as well as Service Practice Policies upon application for service from Forked Deer Electric.


In the case of billing disputes or other service issues, the customer is expected to resolve the dispute by notifying and working with Forked Deer Electric. If the dispute is not resolved, Forked Deer Electric will provide the customer with information regarding TVA's Complaint Resolution Process. Customers will also be informed about the availability of the TVA Complaint Resolution Process upon application for service, at any time upon request, or through other technological means of communication, if available.

TVA Complaint Resolution Contact Information
Phone: (865) 632-3711
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interruption of Service

  The Cooperative shall strive to provide adequate and continuous service. However, if the supply of service is interrupted by an uncontrollable element (such as storms, wrecks, faulty equipment, animals, people, etc.), the Cooperative shall not be liable for any resulting injury, loss, or damage except to the extent it is caused by the negligence of the Cooperative.

  The Cooperative also reserves the right to temporarily interrupt service to make system repairs or system upgrades. In the event such interruptions are required, the Cooperative shall make reasonable efforts to provide affected members notice of a planned service interruption by means of social media or website postings or phone call or any other available means of communication